How not to loose friends - Guest blog on Lifestyle love Liverpool Girls

I write each month a guest blog over on the fabulous Lifestyle Love Liverpool Girls , and so you don’t miss out i’ll be posting the link here each month , just kind like that aren’t i .

this months post was all about keeping our friendships alive , I mean if we are all honest once you hit a certain age it does become somewhat of a challenge , things like making sure your home to put the bins become more important than dancing the night away on a random Tuesday night . The change is gradual and we don’t even notice it until one day your fan grirling over your nee hoover rather than catching up with friends.

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Thrift with me , my first time charity shopping.

September has arrived , and I basically used the summer holidays as an excuse to pretend I was the banker in a game of Monopoly. I saw on Inagram lots of people taking part in No spend September, but as I had a christening to attend i didn’t thin this would work for me, BUT you can still buy things just not new . So my plan is to only eat out once this month , unless someone else is paying and anything else i need to come from a Charity Shop , as i have gifts to buy i’m giving myself leeway on this !

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My child or property of the Government ? 

The summer holidays have been a whirl and now it’s back to reality , but how bizarre that reality is our kids spend the best part of every day each week away from us .

When carter got home from school he’d had such an amazing day , don’t know why but every time September rolls around and that first day back at school I turn into and emotional anxious mess , it’s not likes he’s just starting school , but each school year is just a reminder that he is getting older , that my boy is growing and that fireplace morning picture just proves how much every year .

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Let's talk about friends baby ....

Let's talk friends….. After 30 your friends circle gets smaller , and that's ok you end up with those really cool friends who you are super close to , friends that are more like sisters , who you can be yourself with , who knows everything there is to know about you and are always at the end of a phone when you need them . These friends know your toilet habits better than you do and can tell instantly if your not being yourself, they know what your thinking just from  side eye, and one word can bring on absolute hysterics.

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This world of Secret Rules - living with ASD.

Carter is currently awaiting assessment for ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder ) and ADHD, as I have mentioned before, this makes the world around him duantig , for both of us really it's a constant battle. I’m trying to guide him through a world, where we have to pick up on hidden signals to act appropriately , where we contradict ourselves on a daily basis , and people never really say what they mean and use words that don't make any sense.

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Weekend in Marrakech .. child free travel.

I hate to aagain utter the word Morocco .. well actually I don’t , but I’m pretty sure that anyone who knows me , follows me on Social Media , or has been stood behind me at the Post office is totally fed up hearing about it , but I have to defend my absolute obsession with all things Moroccan and here is why this trip was the ultimate trip:

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Travelling with ASD .. The reason I am grey.

My boy loves to travel and this makes me so happy he wants to see the world , his school project one year was to build his dream house ( tbf I always end up doing these things,  he has zero interest in participating , and when I ask what the teacher thought he doesn’t even reply , all that work and no recognition ) his dream house only really had one feature apart form a door and some windows and that was an airport on top.

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The Secret Feminist.

I suppose I’ve never really knew the full extent of what feminism really is … so when I started to write this post I had to Google it.. (YES I love google, it’s my longest standing relationship tbh) because I just need someone to clarify what truly was Feminism, here is what I thought I would find:

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How The Taste of Ramadan made me think about Mental Health .

Last night , well actually for about 3 weeks I’ve been so excited to attend the Taste Ramadan event at The Pier Head . I was even planning on fasting for the day and getting in the true spirit , although !!!

I did a juice detox in which I had a small meal in the evening and whole load of juice and I was a nightmare I don’t do well without food , I have to eat every 2 hours minimum or I endanger people lives with my anger (anyone who knows me can totally vouch for me Hanger ) 

Anyway fasting was probably a terrible idea !!

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Does the perfect holiday exist ?

So our little break away is coming to an end and we’ve honestly had the best time .

I mean even inbetween the amazing pictures on Instagram the real version of our holiday was even better , not going to lie usually inbetween the loveliness of our holiday pics comes the meltdowns and somewhat challenging behaviour 😂but this time ... utter bliss .

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Forever parents but do we ever stop parenting ?

This morning after a sleep over at Nammies (that’s what he calls his Nanny, and now it’s just her name) I called to see how he was , I asked the two same things I always do , has he ate and did he sleep.

He eats and sleeps every day , he eats and sleeps whenever he is at my mums house , never once have I asked and he has not done either of these things yet I still ask every single time .

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The essential in-flight comfort

Now my family always laugh at my travel packing , particularly my hand luggage when flying long haul . But I do not care in the slightest , I may need nearly a whole other case for inflight things but you know what i fly in complete comfort and step off that plane like Queen Bey , except in my case it’s off a Thomas Cook airlines flight and into a mass scrum for the customs que and not off my private jet and sailing in style through the private lounge , but potatoe , potato hey !!

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