Let's talk about friends baby ....

Let's talk friends….. After 30 your friends circle gets smaller , and that's ok! you end up with those really cool friends who you are super close to , friends that are more like sisters , who you can be yourself with , who knows everything there is to know about you and are always at the end of a phone when you need them . These friends know your toilet habits better than you do and can tell instantly if your not being yourself, they know what your thinking just from  side eye, and one word can bring on absolute hysterics.

Now what would be really nice is if we got to actually see those friends, I'm not sure what happens overnight from 29 to 30 , but all of sudden arranging to meet up goes from is anyone free tonight to needing a degree in Event management to organise a meet up, and seeing each other twice a year feels like an actual success. Now id like to think i am always super busy , and on some level I am busy , but I always seem to find time to binge on a good Netflix series .. and think most of my friends do , the problem lies in the fact that we don't have Netflix binging spare time , all at the exact same time !!! 

Here are some tips , I basically just made up this morning on coping with that transition from social life to midlife..

  1. Get over it - OK maybe I don't need to be so blunt, but yeah we have to just come to terms with the fact that we aren't able at the drop of a hat to go out and do things like we did in our twenties . We are all growing up , we all have new priretiesand have to adjust to this.

  2. Don’t take it personal ,it is nothing to do with your personally when a friend can’t grab cocktails last minute on a Friday, we have kids , we have jobs and we have zero energy for doing it all some days ( in fact most days to be fair)

  3. Learn to do things alone , there was nothing more “adult” than when i stopped waiting for other people to get the movies , try a new place to eat or travel and just did it myself .

  4. Get a date in the diary , set a schedule . just because it's hard to meet up don't give up . Get a date in the diary, even if it's for months ahead , just to know that your going to get together .. at some point .

  5. Just because you don't physically get to see each other … doesn't mean it's over ,. Facetime is amazing and now you can even group call , so try to get some airtime .

  6. Talk .. whatsapp groups can be the bain of your life with your million notifications , but they are a great way to keep the friendship group alive , and update each other on your day to day lives , even if it is just what we had for breakfast and sending pics of our kids to each other .

  7. Never miss the important stuff , no matter how hard it is to arrange to meet up , show up for the important things Birthdays , Weddings , The Break ups , Christenings and The Births.

I guess what I’m saying is, don't take it personal, it takes a little adjustment , it take a loooot of organisation , but those girls are totally worth it.



Keep smiling , keep shining…

knowing you can always count on me , for sure!