Thrift with me , my first time charity shopping.

September has arrived , and I basically used the summer holidays as an excuse to pretend I was the banker in a game of Monopoly. I saw on Inagram lots of people taking part in No spend September, but as I had a christening to attend i didn’t thin this would work for me, BUT you can still buy things just not new . So my plan is to only eat out once this month , unless someone else is paying and anything else i need to come from a Charity Shop , as i have gifts to buy i’m giving myself leeway on this !

I came up with a slight problem though , i’ve tried shopping at Charity shops before and the most i’ve found is tatty jumpers and a small that I just can’t get rid of, so i enlisted the help of Chazza Shopping Veteran Laura Roche to take me out and teach me her ways.

Check out the video below for My day Chazza shopping with Laura….

You can find Laura ( and believe me you really want to this Woman i hilarious) on :

Instagram : @ladylaurajaneroche


Ill also be sharing my haul very soon on youtube too , so subscribe , hit the like , all that young person shizzle.