My child or property of the Government ? 

The summer holidays have been a whirl and now it’s back to reality , but how bizarre that reality is our kids spend the best part of every day each week away from us .

When carter got home from school he’d had such an amazing day , don’t know why but every time September rolls around and that first day back at school I turn into and emotional anxious mess , it’s not likes he’s just starting school , but each school year is just a reminder that he is getting older , that my boy is growing and that fireplace morning picture just proves how much every year .

September 2019 , Year 4 !

September 2019 , Year 4 !

This year I think was the worst is marked just a few more years at little school , and i’ve had the summer off so missed him all the more , I actually cried several times through out the day and was tempted to call school to see how he was .

As soon as I picked him up and heard how great he had been ( He even made it to assembly for the first time ) it’s like I could breathe again .

I told him I’d cried for him that day because I missed him and he asked why I didn’t just come and get him ? 

I told him I couldn’t he has to go to school !

He asked why if I wanted him to be at home could I not just keep him there ?

I told him that school is important and i’d get in lots of trouble !

He was super confused by this , he said but your the boss in our house ? So why can’t you just decide your the Mum.

I didn’t really have an answer to this !! 

I’m super thankful for the amazing education system we have here and other places in the world are not so privelaged and for that I am grateful .

But it did highlight how bizarre that as his parent , the person who loves him the most and would always do what’s best for him ... doesn’t really have a choice in what he does day to day .

I can’t decide to let him stay at home , I can’t take him on holiday when I want , if I need him to come home early I best have super good reason.

And if I don’t do as I’m told , then I will pay ! literally !!! The government tell me has to go to school , what days and when , I have to ask permission to take him out of school , I’m told off if I don’t make appointments that are outside school time , it is classed as an authorised absence if I keep him home Ill , and I’m berated if I send him in and he isn’t well !!   

To carter it all seemed so simple , if I’m his mum I get to decide what he does ... and tbh I thought I always did.

After trying to find the answer to his questions I’m not so sure anymore ?! 



Decided i’d have my own back to School Picture

September 2019 Year 34 !