Dear 20 year old me .... from 34 year old me.

Dear 20 year old me , 

It strangely feels like I haven't aged much since I was 20 ( this is perhaps just mentally though) but being 20 was actually a lifetime ago, it was 14 years ago that I was you , and in 14 years you’ll be me ?? any way, I tried to sound philosophical but ended up just confusing myself.

I've learnt a lot and made lots of mistakes … some of them a few hundred times just to make sure, so what advice would I give a 20 year old ready to start out in life? What would I tell my 20 year old self ? What do I know now that I wish iI knew then ? … well here is my advice to you .

  • I might sound like a Nan but look after your skin, step away from carrot oil and put on the factor 50. Please for the love of god cleanse tone and moisturise woman . 34 year old you will super appreciate  the good skin believe me.

  • Boys … step back . They are a whole lot of drama right now, and ain't one got the time or the tears for that, enjoy the single life there is plenty of time to have to consider another person in every decision , just wait till you have kids , going to the tiet becomes a group discussion.

  • Appreciate sleep …  babies don’t like sleep, savour every second whilst you can,  and weirdly as you get older getting up at 8.30am feels like you’ve overslept and missed half the day so yes sleep less too , stop lazing around in bed half the day , get out and enjoy life .

  • Drink loads of water … and eat well … my god I promise you'll appreciate it in 14 years, but then again enjoy having a metabolism that actually works, a time will come when you can actually watch every mouthful collect at your hips. 

  • Eating .. omg eat in peace and enjoy every second ,because believe me the last 8 years , I don’t think I’ve even got to taste my food .

  • Stop caring .., I don't mean about life , or yourself please still bathe and like I said look after my skin bitch ! but about others opinions, your not them and thank the lord, do and be exactly who you want, don't worry about what others will say or think behind your back that aint none of your business. Don’t you dare pass up an opportunity because of someone else's view.

  • Be grateful for you , Be you , and nobody else, don’t wish for straighter hair embrace those gorgeous curls , your bronzed skin , you super thin figure .. love it all , don't wish to be a clone a carbon copy of every other girl on the dance floor.

  • Do what you love, not what makes you money . Now I know all those nights out wont pay for themselves … but don't aspire to have a well paid job , because believe me i've done it , and dragging yourself to work every day to a job you don't love is soul destroying . and guess what the things you love will get you paid , you have to just find a way . Let's spend the next 14 years loving what we do , and being passionate , not hating your boss and having the Sunday night dreads.

  • Embrace the world around you , you might not notice … but there is a world right outside of Liverpool , right now your circle of friends feels like the whole world to you , but you're missing so much , meet new people , meet different people , meet people the complete opposite of you , you don't have to have one tribe .

  • Take care of your mental health , you time , Self care … it's not selfish it's needed and you will appreciate the strength it creates in your mind as you grow . Say No and wiht no excuse .. you don’t have to be everything for everyone, save those yes’s for when you really mean them.

So let us both be honest here , I can hear your eye’s rolling from here , your skin is amazing , your body is bang’n …I’m old and have zero clue about real life right?  So chances are not one of these things is going to stick ? because I'm pretty sure 14 years ago someone told me all of this stuff while I rolled my eyes and carried on creating the perfect fake beauty spot and applying vaseline to my lashes ( bizarre I know ). 

You know what though, that's ok , one last thing I will tell you and I really hope you listen to this , it all turns out pretty great in the end. There are highs and lows, times you feel that you are never going to stand back up again , you'll be knocked down and trodden on and sometimes you will be the most popular person in the room , you will succeed, you will fail, like so many times …. But each time you will always get back up , and you bank another life lesson and keep moving forward , maybe if I had taken all that advice in my 20’s I wouldn't have been where I am right now , and where I am is pretty awesome .

See you soon 

S x