Weekend in Marrakech .. child free travel.

I hate to aagain utter the word Morocco .. well actually I don’t , but I’m pretty sure that anyone who knows me , follows me on Social Media , or has been stood behind me at the Post office is totally fed up hearing about it , but I have to defend my absolute obsession with all things Moroccan and here is why this trip was the ultimate trip:


1.    It was child free , now this isn’t to say that I don’t like my child, I do I really do besides the amount of times he makes me swear in my head on a daily basis, AND I even love holidaying with my little ray of sunshine he is the best travel buddy . This trip though was utter bliss because, it is the first time EVER , Me, My Mum and My Sister got to go away without ANY OF OUR CHILDREN!! 

Mums! picture this we got to talk, actual conversations that weren’t punctuated with “No, don’t do that please” “I don’t have a charger” “get out of there” “please put that down “

We got to eat , and I don't mean mum eating where you throw it down as quick as possible whilst your child is sat behaving for 3 minutes , you seem to be in and out of the place within 20 minute with a child, but this time we ate at a normal speed , conversed in between and even a few cocktails .

I got to read, one day I spent about 4 hours just reading, and the only time I got up was to pee, no one interrupted me a million times, with random requests, like make the pool less wet!

We got to visit attractions without blindly walking ( walking who am I kidding, jogging at speed) through and not seeing a single thing as you play a rather long and if I’m honest exhausting game of hide and seek , in-between many breakables and things that shouldn’t be touched.


2.    Now it wasn’t just the child-freeness that was awesome, Marrakech was so fabulous:

·     It’s so atmospheric, completely other worldly, the red stone, the constant noise and bustle, the intermittent call to prayer, horse drawn carriages and Souks full of treasures, its exactly how I thought it would be.

·     The service- don’t think I’ve ever had better service; nothing is too much, and you basically never have to ask for a thing they are always pre-empting your needs.

·     The hotels, I mean I’m basing on my hotel which was incredible , i can’t even explain how stunning it was , our own private gardens and pool I felt lie Beyonce. we stayed at the Tigmiza Boutique Hotel and Spa, and from the gorgeous food and grounds to the Private Cinema it was absolute perfection Even some other hotels we saw along the way, they are so majestic and luxurious.

·     The culture, there is so much amazing history here dating back to The Berber’s, and there are some beautiful places to visits such as The Berber Museum, Le Jardin Majorelle … and The YSL Museum.

·     The food is soooo good I really fell in love with the amazing tastes at Azar Restaurant, which is a must visit load of amazing Moroccan food cooked to perfection and tasting so fresh and truly divine. The place was such an experience as I said like every place in Marrakech, but this pace went one step further and was attentive and also with entertainment throughout the evening and unbelievable surroundings. You must of course try the mint tea it’s like true heaven.


I could literally talk about Marrakech forever, it for sure stole a space in my heart and I will be back again no doubt at all.

You can check out my YouTube channel for my Vlog on Marrakech, so you can really see why I fell in love with this place and see how incredibly beautiful it is.


NB. My plane landed at 2.30 and I was at the school for pick up at 3. 20.. Mum Life never ends hey.