Women can have it all , but do they really want it ?

I’m really super thankful that I live in a day and age .. and country where I have so much freedom, especially as a woman. I can be, do and have anything and everything I want, Women can have it all .. but do we really want it?


I no longer have to decide between being a Mum and having a career or business, I no longer have to choose between work and having a social life, and I’d be damned if there is anything a man can do that I can’t. if I want to (because If I’m honest carrying that new American fridge freezer up the stairs was something I could have done If I had to but seriously did, I want to?)


Right now I’m a kick ass single mum, who has manages to run a house, keep a child alive , a career and now my own businesses and even have somethingthat resembles a social life and doesn’t include shouting Alexa play me some 80’s Dance while I get Dave the duster out .


Now the summer holidays have just hit , and it’s the first time since my ray of sunshine was born that I’m not in work, and I want to make the most if it , I mean he’s 8 how much longer am I getting before he totally disowns me and won’t allow us to be seen out in public , so yeah I want to do as many things as we can , before I’m just n embarrassment.


The thing is, while I’m busy enjoying my boy, my work piles up, and I end up with my face glued to a screen trying to cram a few days’ work into the next 24 hours. After the day out and then being chained to my Mac, the house then resembles a squat, one of them ones with peeling wallpaper and sticky stuff on the floor that no one knows what it. 

SO… a day cleaning is needed to resemble something of a home again and stop social services removing my child while he cries whilst the PDSA are removing his dog, it’s all very dramatic over here. 

After all the working and cleaning to catch up after having a day out with my boy …. The infamous Mum guilt kicks in … my poor child has been left to fend for himself, his only adult supervision is some random Youtuber opening video games to play, so we plan an awesome day out to make up for it and the circle of life begins again.


I’ve lived these past two weeks that have felt like two years in a constant cycle of feeling bad for failing in one part of my life or the other and lets not even get started on the mismatched nails and hair that was last washed …maybe a week ago  ( seriously getting to the end of being able to stick a hair accessory in to cover up the lack of hair washing ).


But you know what , I love being a Mum like my heart grows all Disney style whenever I’m with my fab face , and I want to make the most amazing memories , I love where my career/businesses are going, a shitty start of the year pushed me to begin working on things I really love , it’s my passion and I do not mind putting the hours in to it . And our home is our sanctuary, I find cleaning therapeutic and that fresh clean smell is little like crack.


I suppose the fact is, I can have it all, I do have it all and I do really want to have it all!!


I would hate for anyone to take any part of my fabulous life away, it all fits perfect for me, it’s what makes me .. well me and I would not have it any other way.


Just maybe Women who do want to have it all .. also want to be able to bitch about having it all when things are a little tough.