How your snooze alarm could be affecting your mood !

I joined a few months back the 5am club , well 5.30 if we are being honest, and I felt amazing for it . Now ive never been a morning person , and I suppose im still not really .

I get up at 5.30am , I have time to myself reading and drinking tea in the quiet, I have time to tidy up and catch up on all my social media messages and comments, and get posts ready to go . 7am , it's time to get my baby up and ready for school and I have already achieved so much and have the time to be patient with him , make his breakfast and chat about all the random things he wants to chat about . 

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Some days you just have to put all the plates down, Why we don't have to crash and burn to get a break.

I often find myself running from one thing to another , from one business to another , cleaning the house , washing , homework , quality time with my boy , the dog , chores , family time , self care , education , time out , time at home .. there are just so many things i'm trying to keep up in the air , and the crazy thing is even whilst I’m focusing on one thing , my eye is monitoring the other to make sure the spinning doesn’t slow enough to stop and crash land.

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Can you dream of the future and love the life you have now ?

I read a quote recently

“Love the life you live , while you create the life of your dreams “

It really made me think , sub-consciously i suppose i thought it was an either or situation

If you love your life right now  ... then why are you setting goals and looking to the future ?

Are you not then basically saying that you don’t love what you have now and need something new / more ?

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How your breathing can effect your whole day !

A while a go now I read the most amazing book Listen to your heart By Isler Philippe- Which was about using Mindfulness to make the choices that are right for you.

And it was whilst reading this I realised I didn’t breathe properly?!

Now who would have knew there was a way to breathe? 

Well not me for sure, it something I did every day with zero thought and they only time I paid any attention was when I was mediating and was guided to do so

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Queen of procrastination – Getting out of your own way .- Magari! by Stacey

We are not willing to wait for anything anymore and rightly so, I can order clothes in the middle of the night and have them here the next day, I don’t even have to get dressed or brush my hair, we can book a holiday at 2am on a Friday night and be in the sunshine by the next day (another good reason to leave your card at home on a night out) we literally don’t have to wait for anything anymore.  

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How do we create real happiness- Magari! by Stacey

I was always chasing something to make me happy, that one thing that was going make me relax and just go yeah this is what I’ve been after.

But it never seemed to come … because as soon as I got to that place, as soon as I achieved that thing I thought would make me happy it was like a massive anti-climax. The journey getting to that point had motivated me, inspired me, had its ups and downs but created a sense of purpose and happiness, but the actual end result felt more like a relief and not the elation and end point I was hoping for.

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