Food review - Casa Italia Liverpool

I want be italian , that is a bold statement I know , but they do everything well .. like everything ! The language , the architecture, the wine, and especially the food !!

So visiting Casa Italia was like being an actual Italian , sat at Nonnna’s ( that is Grandmother in Italian) kitchen table while she stuff’s you with delicious Italian comfort food .

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Food Review - Il Forno Liverpool

I was recently invited , twice in one week might I add over too what I now call The Amazing Il Forno on Duke Street in Liverpool.

The first visit was to try out their newly launched Christmas Dinner Party menu, there is something special about Il Forno , the atmosphere is amazing, the feel of high end amazing quality crossed with the friendly, warm and relaxing vibe of being at a friends house for dinner.

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Thrift with me , my first time charity shopping.

September has arrived , and I basically used the summer holidays as an excuse to pretend I was the banker in a game of Monopoly. I saw on Inagram lots of people taking part in No spend September, but as I had a christening to attend i didn’t thin this would work for me, BUT you can still buy things just not new . So my plan is to only eat out once this month , unless someone else is paying and anything else i need to come from a Charity Shop , as i have gifts to buy i’m giving myself leeway on this !

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Absolutely Fabulous Gin Tasting

Last week I was invited by the lovely Lisa and Gaynor to the Absolutely Fabulous Pink Gin tasting event at The Royal liver building .Now I was never going to turn down this opportunity , I was never a massive gin drinker , in fact I seriously didn't get what all the fuss was about until I was invited a few months back to the Launch of The Fabulous Pink Gin, and fell totally in love

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Food Review- Revolution St Peters Sq Liverpool

As we all know, I love to eat , but I am particular i love to eat in a place that look good , and I’m not alone in this right?

Last week I was invited along to try our Revolution St Peters Sq new food and drinks menu, now I haven't visited here since I was in my twenties, it was some were cool i went on a night out , but I have eaten at the Revolution in Manchester a while ago and was very surprised at the quality of the food so I was up for giving it a go.

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Book Review - This is Going to Hurt - Adam Kay

Last week at brunch with my fabulous blogger friend Gaby, i was given a gift ( anyone else friends bring them gifts to brunch ?? nope didn’t think so) She gave me a copy of This is going to hurt by Adam Kay, now I have heard a little hype about this book and it has been recommended to me before , but it just didn’t sound like something that was up my street. Gaby had worked at a large event where Adam had been the guest speaker … and said it was a must read.

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